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Dr. Carol Gunn Speaks at TEDx Fargo

When one is a physician, losing a sister to medical errors is a loss that cuts very deep.  Please watch and share this Tedx talk, to help motivate health care executives, health care providers, and even patients, to make changes to reduce the staggering number of medical errors.  This Tedx was given in Fargo, North Dakota in July 2015.

My Story

The silent epidemic in medicine … and the third leading cause of death in the United States… is medical errors. 200,000 Americans die each year… that is like the city of either Grand Rapids, Michigan or Montgomery, Alabama totally decimated every year, as a direct result of medical errors. The issue of medical errors is an extremely uncomfortable topic for both hospitals and doctors alike – with concerns about negative press and lawsuits – and is NOT openly discussed.

Dr. Carol Gunn has first-hand experience with medical errors, after losing her sister at a well-respected teaching hospital. Her sister died after physicians failed to follow up on her chest pain symptom – over and over and over again – first treating it with antacids, then saying her nerve pain medicine was treating it, and later treating her chest pain with narcotics. Finally when a cardiologist evaluated her sister, she was given a coronary stent and was begun on the correct cardiac medications. But it was too late – the damage was already done.

Unfortunately, her story is not unique. Thousands of you have similar stories with those you love. It’s time to tell our stories and come together to create change in the medical industry.

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