Missing John

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I lost both my sibs relatively early in life… This website is mostly about my sister Anna. We lost our brother John three years before Anna died. John passed away at 54 years of age, from late stage colon cancer. A big jokester his entire life, I particularly miss his deep, belly laugh. During a great laugh, his eyes would narrow and sparkle with joy. And annoyingly, he loved his own jokes – even when they were not funny. However, he had some very memorable funny one liners that he had delivered to us….most of which you had to be there to understand them.

John lived his life to the hilt. I am convinced he outlived the actuary tables for his type of cancer because he desperately wanted to see his young daughter grow up. He never asked for anything regarding his illness, and if I would get teary about it, he would say, “You know, I could hit by a truck tomorrow…Today is the day.”

Yes, today is the day. Do what you need to do today – because we don’t know if we have tomorrow. Repair important relationships. Tell others you love them. Apologize as necessary. Spread your wings. Do things you don’t think you can do. Today is the day.

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