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Thrust head-on into the patient safety field after her sister, Anna, died from medical errors, Dr. Carol E Gunn has become a catalyst for change in healthcare. In an almost a David and Goliath-like story, it was Dr. Gunn who found the errors in her sister’s care, and brought them to the attention of the teaching hospital leadership, demanding changes. In her unique position of being both a physician and a family member who has suffered a great loss, she understands the tremendous pressures facing both providers and chronically ill patients.

Prior to medical school, she worked as an environmental health and safety engineer for over 12 years in the Silicon Valley. In that role, she performed numerous audits, inspections, and accident investigations. She was formally trained in root cause analysis.

Dr. Carol E Gunn completed her medical school at UC Davis Medical School, her internal medicine residency at Providence Portland Medical Center and her occupational and environmental medicine fellowship at University of Colorado, at the National Jewish Hospital site. She is boarded in Internal Medicine, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Industrial Hygiene.

She currently directs a small Occupational Medicine solo practice in Portland, Oregon and resides nearby with her wild lab, Hunter.




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