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What Dr. Gunn has learned is … sharing her story not only teaches others, but it helps her deal with her own devastating loss.

Please feel free to leave your story here. (This is a moderated discussion – and please do not name the names of healthcare institutions or providers.)

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  • Melanie Bates

    Thank you so much, Carol, for creating such a beautiful place to share our stories of dealing with medical errors. I have three cases that I know of that have directly affected my life, and I’m just one person on this vast globe. I truly shudder to imagine ALL of the people medical errors have come home to. Today I want to share the story of my boyfriend’s dad who has been like a father to me. Last year, he went to a dermatologist because he had a large black sore on his lip. The doctor cut off the sore and told him to reach out if he had any more trouble. My boyfriend’s father did indeed have more trouble.. When the scabby sore came back he got a second opinion and was diagnosed with melanoma which had, by then, traveled to his brain. There was no biopsy of the sore the dermatologist cut off, no follow-up – it was no good. He’s currently undergoing cancer treatment and we have great hope that he’ll be okay, but had he been treated properly perhaps the cancer wouldn’t have spread to his brain.

  • S

    ….and the law silences those who understand after malpractice. The horrors of betrayal run deep.

  • anna

    In 2008 I had a DCR that turned into life threatening sinus infection. The physician who performed the surgery told me to stay away from the doctors (I had been seeing an ENT for the sinus infection) and I would be fine. No. I would have been dead. In Jan 2010 I had a right osteoplastic flap that saved my life! When I was discussing this with another doctor and asking what I could do, he told me to NOT report the incident but to stay away from the surgeon who did the DCR. He said if I reported the surgeon, other.doctors would not want to have me as their patient.

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