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medical errors

Dr. Carol E Gunn has been practicing medicine for 14 years, specializing in occupational medicine, after training as an internist. She is a MUST-HAVE speaker on the topic of medical errors.

Dr. Gunn speaks for Keynotes, Conferences, Victim’s Advocacy, Healthcare Risk Managers, Women’s Organizations, and Patient Safety

Topics Include:

  • Why are 200,000 Americans Dying Each Year from Medical Mistakes?
    Dr. Gunn reveals how medicine is really practiced and the hidden inaccuracies that cost lives.
  • Lift the Curtain on a Typical Hospital Stay…
    An average waste of 12 cents of each health care dollar is spent on healthcare system abuse, failure of care coordination, under/over treatment, and fraud.
  • Prevention is Your Best Defense!
    Four effective steps to keep you or your loved ones safe from medical errors, and receive the best, most accurate care possible during your hospital stay.
  • You Have Suffered a Medical Error, Now What?
    Three important steps to follow after a medical mistake.
    All topics can stand alone, or be combined, at client request
    What Other’s Are Saying About Dr. Gunn’s Speaking


  • As a physician I listened to Dr.Gunn presentation regarding safety for patients. I commend her for passion to have changes happen in our medical system which puts such pressures on us physicians and other health care givers to see so many patients within a period of time that it jeopardizes patient safety. There are multiple other reasons these things happen, the importance is the dialogue is started for change to occur.

    Christine l. SabaPharm.D., M.D., F.A.A.P, AIHM
  • Dr. Gunn is a dynamic speaker. She enthralls audiences with her story while bringing an astounding amount of science to the stage. I can not recommend her highly enough.

    Carrie Magill M.D.
  • I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Carol Gunn’s amazing and heartfelt talk recently. She manages to be both engaging and truly genuine on a very difficult subject that is important to us all. Dr. Gunn’s message needs to be shared; not once, but many times over. Thank you, Dr. Gunn, for speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves!

    Starla FitchM.D.
  • I have had the privilege of hosting Dr. Carol Gunn as a guest presenter at four or five seminars for business owners over the past two years. Carol is a gifted presenter—articulate, engaging, and skilled at reading her audience and adjusting her presentation to suit their needs. She is strong at taking complex concepts and distilling them to the essence. She speaks from her heart and connects deeply, evidenced by the attention she commands and the kinds of questions generated after the formal presentation. I highly recommend Carol as a speaker to small and large groups.

    Merrill WattsSmall Business Development Center Faculty, Clackamas City College